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Rekingo is an Australian based Leather company. We at Rekingo, deal with Jackets for both men as well as women. The products of Rekingo are of the highest quality with finest comfort.


We deal with all types of Jacket:


Rekingo is well known for Quality and market research. Before launching a product, we conduct a complete survey about the products and quality is tested. Quality tests are conducted on regular bases and feedback from the customers is taken to make sure the product is providing comfort and the customer is satisfied.

We make sure our customers own our products and enjoy what they are wearing. Thus our focus is on designs and comfort. Our professional designers make sure our customers love the design with color combinations.
Our motivation is to provide you top quality with comfort and fashion.
We hope you love our product and we shall look forward to your feedback and the next order.

Thank you for being part of Rekingo family.

Happy Life!

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